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A "With Thanks" credit in the film's end roll

Availability: 248
Estimated Delivery: June 2014


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Steel gift *plus* A "limited edition" poster from the film signed by the cast, and commissioned from the artist who designed the poster for the multi-award winning Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman, and Russell Crowe.

Availability: 100
Estimated Delivery: June 2014


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Steel, Bronze gifts *plus* limited edition DVD of the short film that includes a behind-the-scenes documentary about how the project was made.

Availability: 20
Estimated Delivery: June 2014


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Steel, Bronze + Silver gifts *plus* an invitation to the set to see the filming of the production, and a VIP invite to the screening premiere at a UK venue tbc.

Availability: 5
Estimated Delivery: June 2014


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Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold gifts *plus* an onscreen supporting role in the final battle sequence, and an Executive Producer credit on the film's end roll.

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Estimated Delivery: June 2014

Last Letter Home

A 30 min feature sizzler from WW2, about love, loss, loyalty, and honour amongst four individuals united by one tragedy.

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    ........is a five part story set during the latter days of World War 2; a film that focuses on the loves, losses, guilts, and betrayals of four very different young people, from four very different backgrounds, who are thrust together by the stresses of war, into a whirlwind of romance, conflict, violence, and suffering that will both divide them all, and oddly unite them too, by tragedy and circumstance.


    Pt 1: Farewell to Arms..........it’s late afternoon when William Fellows bids farewell to England and boards the C-47 transport aircraft that, in the early hours of Friday June 6th 1944 over Western France, will drop him into Normandy as part of the greatest invasion armada the world has ever seen. When rounds from an anti-aircraft battery hit his Dakota transport William parachutes into occupied territory, miles from his assigned Drop Zone. In the impenetrable smoke-filled gloom he finds himself alone, and behind enemy lines. As he endeavours to link up with other survivors from his unit he is forced into hiding by the presence, on all sides, of a mechanized German Panzer unit. In the loneliness of unfamiliar terrain, with the sounds of gunfire raging distant, and aware of movement in the shadows all about him, he takes time to write a letter home to Rose. But just as he sits quietly to do so he is joined by a niaive and jittery war photographer who wants to do nothing more than record every moment of what he sees on his movie camera. The two men, slowly grow to respect one another in that short time together, and when the war finally catches up with them both, a promise made in brotherhood is severely tested as a young German soldier battles his own fears to survive.


    • Experienced award-winning writer/director/producer of the hard-hitting psychological thriller DEAD END (aka Hard Shoulder)

    • A stand alone 30 min short film but also part one of five in a epic feature narrative about the loves, losses, loyalties, and betrayals of the latter part of WW2, beginning with the airborne invasion of Europe on June 6th 1944. This is the last chance for us to say a heartfelt thanks to the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice in France and beyond to ensure our safety and salvation in the last great war.

    • This film segment has a total budget of £20,000. We are seeking to raise a minimum of £5,000 here for part one, more funds for the other parts as we go, and any contribution to help make it possible means all of us being able to say a final thank you in time for probably the last mass reunion of D-Day veterans any of us will ever witness, in 2014.


    What We Need & What You Get


    This is what it's all about............


    We require from Fanblaze a minimum fund of £5,000. It will go together with funds being raised on other crowdsource sites towards a total of £20,000 for part one of our story: Farewell to Arms.


    • Donors, sponsors, and contributors can earn themselves a number of special gifts for helping us reach our funding target: limited edition posters by the artist behind Les miserables, DVD's, set visits, VIP invites to the screening premiere, exec producers credit, and even an extras role in the battle sequence, in your own uniform and with a period weapon.

    • If we don't reach our goal, the funds will sit on Paypal as we relaunch the funding again. This film will be made. We have deadlines so we must be proactive about reaching the goal.

    • The film will go on national display in D-Day museums around the country, be shown on Tv screens in city centres, and submit into film festivals to help raise awareness of this important day and what we are witnessing as the last veterans gather for what is likely to be the last great reunion.

    • With the 70th anniversary of D-Day occuring in 2014 your contribution means a massiive amount to ensuring we can reach the levels of production that will do justice to the sacrifice the veterans made on and after that momentous day in 1944. As we have seen in films like SPR and the TV series BoB's, getting as close to a reality of what it was like to be part of that invasion is what makes the experience for audiences all the more intense and enjoyable. Whilst we don't have the extended resources available to Spielberg we do have access on a smaller scale for a story that is much more insular. We are shooting on film stock to replicate the look of newsreels from that time and have widespread industry support from equipment suppliers, and post production companies. But we still need a minimum amount of money to make it happen.

    • Please check out what people in my professional network had to say about me and my work, and be confident that this project will achieve the very highest of filmic standards possible.

    • uk.linkedin.com/in/nicholasdavidlean


    Other Ways You Can Help


    If you just can’t contribute, that doesn’t mean you can’t help:


    • Anything that you can do to spread the word, invite other investors, provide services, equipment, or even just lend a hand once we are in production, everything is gratefully received.

    • Share our project with your friends using any Fanblaze share tools!